16 mars 2017

Sortie du premier album d'APOSTATE VIATICUM

Apostate Viaticum (Death Metal - Irlande) vient de sortir son premier opus chez Invictus productions au format CD.

"...The foundation of late '80s deathrash is firm here, with the pioneering old works of Sadus, Pestilence, Master, and Sepultura setting forth the signposts by which Apostate Viaticum take flight and subsequently destroy..."

"Before the Gates of Gomorrah" est disponible en écoute complète sous la tracklist :

01. In Articulo Mortis - 02:11
02. Anathema Inherent - 07:32
03. Moloch the Sanguinary - 05:32
04. In the Shadow of the Monolith - 04:38
05. Bastards of Cain - 03:30
06. Before the Gates of Gomorrah - 08:44
07. Beckoned by the Callous Dead - 06:57

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