9 mars 2017

MERRIMACK revient avec un nouvel album accompagné d'un premier extrait

Le 9 juin prochain sortira via Season of Mist "Omegaphilia" le cinquième album de Merrimack (Black Metal - France).
Et pour marquer le coup, le groupe vient de dévoiler un premier extrait nommé 'Apophotic Weaponry'.

Le groupe déclare à propos de cette chanson et de l'album:

“we wanted to come back to something more rooted in the 90s. With a less complex structure, and a sound not as modern and claustrophobic as on our latest albums, Apophatic Weaponry still has our characteristic moody atmosphere with some crawling mid-tempos riffs. This is especially noticeable on the second half of the track. Our lyrics are dealing with the special connection between beings and their faith, even though it is constructed in a void trying to fill in another vacant space of nothingness. The divine cannot be observed, demonstrated, except by its consequences. In the end, this is the definition of faith as opposed to reason. This concept of negative theology is a mystical approach towards the divine that attempts to describe it through the impossibility of describing it. Eckhart. Jacob Böhme and most of the German mystics tried to increase their faith with such notions.”

Voici donc 'Apophotic Weaponry' en écoute ici:

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